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Squires-Sanders SS-IBS Receiver

The Squires-Sanders SS-IBS is a shortwave broadcast receiver. Coverage is:  3.5-4, 5.9-6.4, 7-7.5, 9.5-10, 11.5-12, 15-15.5, 17.5-18, 21.4-21.9 and 25.6-26.1 plus 5-5.5 and WWV 10 MHz. Frequency accuracy of 1 kHz is achieved with an odometer-type two digit display used in conjunction with the analog dial. Two buttons under the main knob provide motor-assisted tuning. This highly advanced receiver is designed to meet the needs of commercial and broadcast applications. 16.25 x 7.75 x 13 inches 25 lbs. 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 55 watts.

Please also see the Squires-Sanders SS-1R amateur band receiver.

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#XXXX 63-67 D 1200/1200 Q700/1100 US 05/13